Meet Cute by Various YA authors

3.57/5 stars

Total Average Rating of all the Short stories: 3.57 stars

SIEGE ETIQUETTE by Katie Cotugno: 3/5 stars
Wolf and Hailey. The queen bee and the sort of loser. There was a lot going on in the few pages that stirred my curiosity. What happened to her past and what changed with how people treat her. The chemistry between the two definitely exists but alas, it ended too soon. This is definitely an idea that could work really well in a full-blown novel.

PRINT SHOP by Nina La Cour: 4/5 stars
Evie and Lauren. This one has a more solid plot and conclusion. It reads like a complete story. I like Evie’s desire for doing things the old way and reaching out to people outside the computer screen. Ironically though, it is still through social media that she gets to meet a potential love interest.

HOURGLASS by Ibi Zoboi: 2.5/5 stars
Cherish and Mamadou. This is my first read from the author. The writing is good as well as the characterization of Cherish in particualr. I just felt confused by the plot of the story. I understand that it’s a story about a meet-cute but it seems like the beginning wanted to highlight something else but then ended up elsewhere.

CLICK by Katharine McGee: 4/5 stars
Alexa and Raden. I think this is one of my favorites. Again, this is my first read from the author but already, I feel like I’m a fan. The futuristic setting. The Click App idea and the App project Alexa is working on. Raden and Alexa’s impromptu quest for her phone and the irony towards the end. I think everything worked pretty well. If it weren’t for the kiss they shared in the end, I probably would’ve given it five stars. Lol.

THE INTERN by Sara Shepard: 2.5/5 stars
Clara and Phineas. My first read from the author. I find it okay, likable enough but it felt a bit rushed even for a short story. Also, I didn’t feel any real chemistry between the two characters so it wasn’t much of a meet-cute for me.

SOMEWHERE THAT’S GREEN by Meredith Russo: 3/5 stars
Nia and Lexie. I think this one’s pretty cute and quite unusual too. Things just quite escalated quickly and the romance came in too rushed but it was good just the same.

THE WAY WE LOVE HERE by Dhonielle Clayton: 5/5 stars
Sebastien and Viola. Again, this is my first from the author and I thought this one’s really good. I enjoyed the idea that in their world, everyone is predestined to meet his/her perfect match with a constant reminder of how soon they’ll meet the one as marked by the dots on their hands. I enjoyed the fantastical/magical realism element, the possible futures and even the humor. I like that the ending is also very uncertain but it’s satisfying just the same. Another favorite of mine and definitely a certified meet-cute.

OOMPH by Emery Lord: 3/5 stars
Cassidy and Johanna. It’s a cute airport meet-cute and as far as airport romances are concerned, I think this one is quite original. A pretty girl who hopes that this other pretty girl is into girls. I like that it’s about taking chances and overcoming fears. I just wish there was more to the plot though.

THE DICTIONARY OF YOU AND ME by Jennifer L. Armentrout: 5/5 stars
Moss and Tyler. Christmas and Library. Those are like the two perfect words together. Plus it’s written by one of my favorite contemporary authors, it was already a sure winner. Lol. But despite my personal bias, this is honestly one of my favorite meet-cutes. It’s fluffy, funny, swoony and a little mysterious. I couldn’t stop grinning.

Samara and Dev. This one’s quite funny and I really enjoyed it. The story is presented like a research paper. The plot centers on the actual possibility of love at first sight involving stastics and math. Too cute. But well, numbers have nothing on fate.

259 MILLION MILES by Kass Morgan: 4/5 stars
Blythe and Philip. This one’s kind of sad but it’s still cute. I liked the sci-fi element. I enjoyed both the characters’ opposite personality and how they seem to balance each other. Sadly, it doesn’t end up with the possibility of them being together. Still a meet-cute though.

SOMETHING REAL by Julie Murphy: 3/5 stars
June and Martha. It was cute and funny. Instead of competing for a guy, they ended up with each other instead. An unexpected whirlwind romance though with kissing in the end which I guess is no different than the endings of most rom-com movies I watch and still enjoy so it’s all good. Lol.

SAY EVERYTHING by Huntley Fitzpatrick: 3/5 stars
Emma and Sean. I did enjoy it but like the first story by Ms. Cotugno, I feel like this one’s going to be so much better as a full-blown novel. The atmosphere feels kind of a bit dramatic or maybe it’s just the second person point of view which I’m not a huge fan of. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable.
THE DEPARTMENT OF DEAD LOVE by Nicola Yoon: 3/5 stars
Gabrielle and Thomas. A futuristic world where people have the option to mend their broken hearts through do-overs and stuff. There’s a literal department dedicated to dead love. Lol. I thought it’s hilarious and also kind of beyond the realm of reason and it’s why even though it was quite enjoyable, it wasn’t my favorite.

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