Review: Solo by Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess

4 out of 5 stars

This was so unexpected. I still maintain my stand against novels written in verse that mainly, I am not a fan. But like this recent novel I’ve read, One by Sarah Crossan, Solo worked quite well. In fact it probably worked better for the entire theme of the story to be written in verse especially since Blade’s life story is a good narrative poetry with a good dose of tragedy and sprinkles of comedy and a little romance all combined.

Being the son of the famous rockstar-gone-wild, Rutherford, Blade seems always the butt of joke especially on social media. Every milestone, every special moment of his life, he can rely on his dad to ruin it making him hate his life so much and his family name to the point of wishing to disown his family and this is where the saying be careful what you wish for comes in because the plot took a completely unexpected turn bringing our main character to Ghana, South Africa and that’s where the story became even more interesting.

Overall, it was a touching, riveting story of a young man’s quest for his identity. It is a little tragic but also very hopeful and inspiring. A lot of the poetic entries are gems really and the bonus content is something I am more than grateful to the authors for, for letting me as the reader take a peek at how they brewed and concocted their magic producing this novel.

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