Review: The Story of Us by Dani Atkins

4 out of 5 stars

There is something in the way Ms. Dani Atkins tells her stories that just captivates me that I couldn’t stop reading. I remember feeling the same with the first book of her I’ve read, Then and Always. It’s easy to read, emotional, quite predictable at times, at several places quite funny, and yes, very addictive.

The Story of Us is a little similar to her first book in the sense that the heroine is looking at a possibility of two different destinies. But here, it’s Emma’s potential fate with two great guys which of course makes it a very difficult choice for Emma because one guy shares the majority of her past including her family’s and friends’ affection and the other shares her second chance at life when he saved her from a fatal car accident with two of her best friends.

The narrative gives a quick glimpse of the now and an exhaustive narration of all relevant events leading to the present in a very smooth and fluid writing in the POV of Emma herself. I find myself flying through the pages actually, impatiently turning the pages to know what finally happens, which guy will the girl finally end up with. And though I was already sure about the end, the conclusion still added some twists and colorful events to make the story a very satisfying whole.

Published by AJ

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