Review: The Takedown by Corrie Wang

4 out of 5 stars

“No one would ever escape high school unscathed.”

I suppose the line above is mostly true although I honestly couldn’t be more indifferent about my entire high school experience. I even opted out of our Facebook group. Yep, my high school class, ‘Class 2002’ has a Facebook group. Lol. But this story indeed paints an intense image of how high school relationships and experiences could shape a person.

Set in a not so far future, The Takedown, is a story of a girl whose perfect life upended when a sex video of her and her teacher becomes viral earning millions and millions of views. Problem is it is not her in the video but the video didn’t look like it had undergone editing at all and that’s where the huge mystery in the story takes root.

Kyla or Kyle is at the top of her class in a prestigious private high school. Half French and half Chinese, her beauty is without equal. The guy every girl likes pines for her and she is friends with the three most popular girls in school. In short, people either hate her or want to be like her. Alas, the former is the more doable and easier choice. Somebody is definitely out to ruin her life and Kyle resolves to find the culprit.

What makes the plot even more interesting is the world Ms. Wang created. The technology, social media and even the language- they all seemed really authentic and surprisingly quite easy to adapt to and quite believable too. A world where every single thing you do even your purchases can be gleaned from online. Sounds like a pretty scary world to me. I think we should start social media detox now or else this might exactly be the world we’ll find ourselves in a few years from now.

But world building aside, the plot is also impressive and the suspense is consistent. I thought it was going to be predictable but the author did a good job on confusing me and making me look at other suspects. It’s a very gripping read really. The ending is very satisfying too and I very much appreciate the implicit morals of the story.

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