Quick Review: Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss by Kasie West



I may have to agree with Lacey, our main character, on the lack of chemistry. Not just with Grant but with Donavan as well. I’m feeling a little bummed out because chemistry is Kasie West’s forte. But it’s still enjoyable though. The characters are likable enough, not the usual characters she writes, this time they’re actors actually on set and shooting a zombie movie so that is something new. I also liked the two storylines. The actual plot and the one in the zombie movie script. The little mystery is also quite intriguing and well, it’s Kasie West. I’ll read anything she writes.
P.S. I didn’t realize this was a sequel to Love, Life, and the List. No wonder why I keep thinking about where I read the couple Abby and Cooper. Lol. That’s the disadvantage of reading too much books, I guess

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