Review: On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves



In the spirit of quarantine, I decided to pick up a novel that has two characters on their own and way more difficult version of quarantine. I envy that they didn’t know Tiktok then. Lol. For a romance novel, On the Island is certainly very original. A story of survival and in the midst of surviving, Anna and TJ fall for each other despite the 13-year age gap. I do love survival stories and Cast Away is always there at the top of my list. Now I can add this book to that list too. No wonder this made it to the list of 100 must read romance of all time.

The story is told simply but with heart. There wasn’t drama even though it has all the right to be dramatic. I like that it’s a complete story. That it doesn’t end after they survived but it continues to show how their relationship endured after because that’s an altogether different and possibly harder challenge for them. I appreciate the kindness of both characters as well as their honesty which consequently also made them survive.

Alright, I’ve said more than I should have, so sorry about that. It’s really best to read the book knowing as little about it as possible.

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