Review: Asking for It by Louise O’Neill



Emma Donovanย is the prettiest girl in their school, heck she’s the prettiest in their entire town and boy, does she know it because she uses it to its fullest advantage. Yep, she’s a certified mean girl, a bitch, a slut, however you want to call it and she’s proud of it. She’s full of herself and always makes sure to get what and who she wants. It doesn’t matter if her friends get hurt in the process. She doesn’t seem to have an ounce of respect to her mom, to her friends, and even to herself so when the worst happens to her, she definitely deserves it, right? Because she wasย Asking For It?


This is exactly the purpose of the author in writing a story in the POV of a girl, a young woman who has questionable character, an awful human being really and yet still deserves empathy because no one EVER is asking for it, not even when she willingly went inside a room with a guy/guys, not even when she purposely seduced him, not when during the act, she decided she didn’t want it really.

Five years ago, I probably would have belonged to those who would judge her, to those who would blame her, thinking exactly as the title suggests and I’m thankful for the education reading books like this gives me. I completely agree with the author in her afterword that we need more books like this, to keep talking about rape culture and victim blaming so more and more people could become educated and hopefully reduce rape cases, sexual assaults, and general violence against women all over the world.

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