Review: Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg



I find this so cute. I rarely read about guy-girl best friends and Macallan and Levi started out  as best friends when they were 11 years old. It’s too adorable. The banters are fun. The alternating POV so entertaining. Their love for the same show, “Buggy and Floyd”, which also has a little storyline in the plot, is too endearing.

The characters’ growing up is apparent in both their narratives and their quest for love interests that somehow do not work adds a funny little thrill to the story. It’s a  fun journey reading through their young heartbreaks, how they broke other hearts, how their hearts got broken by others and eventually by each other.

There’s so much to commend about this little book really. Macallan’s strength and grace especially in processing her grief, her kindness, feistiness, and her awesome cooking skills. Levi could be an idiot sometimes but I’m glad he immediately realizes his own idiocies. Lol. They’re really perfect for each other. And thank goodness they finally came to their senses at just the right time. They didn’t stupidly wait for decades before acknowledging what they really meant for each other unlike in other books. Ahem, Love, Rosie,ahem.

This is certainly a book I wouldn’t mind rereading over and over and would definitely watch out for other Elizabeth Eulberg books.

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