Review: Hit by Lorie Ann Grover


🌟🌟 .5

I did like the idea of the story, I was just probably expecting something else- something more exciting, intriguing, mysterious and maybe even a bit scandalous (haha) but the plot took out a totally different route. I couldn’t blame the book though, it’s after all called Hit and the book centered on Sarah after she was hit by Haddings, her poetry teacher that she is crushing hard on.

There are several points to appreciate about this little YA book. One, it’s such a quick read. Two, the cover is so pretty, it’s mainly why I bought it. Lol. Three, it’s told in the alternating voices of Sarah and Haddix. Four, it’s completely wholesome. Five, it does try to motivate or inspire readers.

The writing however largely prevented me from fully enjoying the novel. I guess the author is trying to go for that lyrical stuff, obviously the poems were used exactly for that and it kind of leaked through the other parts of the novel- the haphazard narrations and dialogues that sometimes get really annoying. It seems like the author is trying too hard to make the teen characters sound like teens. Dragging out words like ‘Okkkaaaaay’ or repeating phrases over and over and I couldn’t cound the number of times “Yeah, right” was used. Even the dialogues between the adults do not seem very adultlike. Lol.

But anyway, if you see beyond the writing, I bet you’d still end up appreciating the short novel.

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