Review: The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman



First page of the Prologue and already full of heart,ย  honesty, and humor. I could already tell that I’m going to love it and I was right. It was absolutely adorable.

Liliย is navigating a worldย  where her husband has been dead for three years and although she seems to downplay her grief practically for the sake of her two adorable little girls,ย Annabel and Clare, it’s very obvious how hurt she still is to have lost her soulmate so soon. Her grief is palpable and her admissions about her depression so relatable. She finds it unlikely that her very routinary, admittedly lonely life will change until she, her sister and her kids signed up for a six-week free gardening class under a very attractive teacher namedย Edwardย and things start to look up for her.

The entire book is really cute. The story is told in Lilian/Lili’s POV. Her imaginations and daydreamings, and basically everything she says is so hilarious. There’s never a dull moment. After each chapter, there’s an illustration and an actual guide on all cute things related to gardening and they’re awesome, really helpful and educational details on growing specific vegetables.

I love how the gardening class gave Lili what she needs without realizing it. She found a group of extraordinary friends from different walks of life, a wonderful potential love interest, a great activity for her kids and a relaxing productive hobby for herself.

This is easily a five-star read and I’m keeping this in my “to reread” shelf.

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