Review: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols



This book is Such a Rush indeed because I finished it in a rush which I honestly think wouldn’t happen judging by the very first chapter of the book because my impression of the first few pages wasn’t very promising. I even thought about not pushing through with it but when the story abruptly sped to three years later when the main characters are already 18, that’s when the story started to become really interesting and I found myself flying through (pun intended) the pages.

Reading the blurb might make the reader think it’s mainly just about the romance but I appreciate that the book tackles several issue  like grief, dysfunctional families, poverty and even gender stereotypes. What’s even better is how the story is able to center on flying planes (with no less than the heroine on her way to fulfilling her dream to become a pilot) and that the airport is the main setting. This is a first for me actually and I find it really good.

Incidentally, this is also my first read from Ms. Jennifer Echols  and I kind of like her seemingly couldn’t-care-less approach in her narrative as the story is told in the POV of Leah, always judged as the  “trailer trash” or the school’s “slut” just because of the way she looks and where she lives and it’s why I admire her for wanting to defy odds not really to prove people wrong (because she doesn’t really give two hoots about what other people think) but to give herself a life different from her mom’s.

The annoying complication in the story is perhaps the romance and her involvement with the twins, (Bigger Jerk) Grayson and and (Smaller Jerk) Alec what with Grayson’s unbelievably stupid move to blackmail Leah into dating his brother but I think it’s also what made the story more interesting and yes, I have to admit, sexier. (Too sexy for younger readers, as a warning) Lol. Leah’s friendship with (mini Jerk) Molly is an added sprinkling of good weird in the story.

So athough there are several flawed elements, it’s honestly also a very touching read and I’ll definitely start looking into other books written by the author.

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