Review: The Night Book by Richard Madeley



This was lot better than I expected. I was reluctant about reading this because just looking at the title I thought it was going to be a shallow and corny horror story involving monsters lurking under the lakes. I only bought the book because I was drawn to the cover and of course it was on sale so why not? When will I ever learn about judging books by their cover?

But indeed, the story does talk about monsters except they do not wait 60 feet deep in the water, they come in the form of billionaires tormenting their wives psychologically and emotionally, and I don’t know but I think this particular monster in the story got exactly what he deserves.

Using historical fiction and a natural phenomenon as a backdrop of the main conflict, I find the story very well written using a sympathetic character who is also an advocate of women rights. I couldn’t say more because I’m afraid I’ll spoil the juicy parts but personally this is one of the better psychological mysteries I’ve read.


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