Review: Here We Lie by Sophie McKenzie

4 out of 5 stars

Well that was pretty exhausting! The web of lies, the deception, the cheating, the pretention, almost every character wearing a mask and I guess that’s what makes it really good- how the book lived up to its promise and title for that matter- Here We Lie. This is my very first Sophie McKenzie novel and I’m glad I finally gave her a try. I’ve always been curious about her psycho-thrillers and the book did not disappoint.

What I really appreciate about the novel besides the plot and mystery because both are already very commendable-a vacation turned sour when one of them mysteriously dies of an accident-is the narrative viewpoint (there are three actually-) which allowed me to really get to know the different characters in the story. The POVs made the entire narrative interesting and gripping. The diary entries of Dee-dee is probably the best POV and it’s really the focal point of the entire story.

I did have my suspicions and I did suspect the right people but the revelations still gave me quite a shock and the answer to the mystery is honestly very heartbreaking but somehow, the author managed to make that tragic event inevitable perhaps to teach these morally flawed characters a hard lesson about the dangers of lying.

Published by AJ

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