Review: The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone

4 out of 5 stars

A group of random do-gooders ban together first just to hang out because it’s summer and it’s boring but then later, they actually start doing good deeds starting with trolling the trollers online and sending positive words to victims of trolls and eventually actually sending small gifts (care packages) to the victims and later on to the trolls themselves (to smother them with kindness). And soon, the vigilante group’s endeavors spread practically globally even causing the busting of big drug nests/dens or whatever you call it and consequently enabling several other groups all around the world to emulate The Unlikelies.

The concept is really very nice considering the abundance of a-holes these days both online and offline. The universe seems to conspire with their mission enabling them, via Sadie, the main character to use a fortune to spend for their good deeds.

It’s a story of kindness, friendship, a little of romance, of big and small acts of heroism, and of paying forward with a side plot of the dangers of drug addiction. We need more stories like this today because despite the concept of ‘The Unlikelies” unlikely to happen in real life, it’s still a start-a positive idea that could inspire readers to keep doing little acts of kindness. I would really love to see a movie version of the book.

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