Review: American Panda by Gloria Cho



Cute andย  funny but also heartrending. It didn’t skimp on some harsh realities on a young woman’s experience growing up surrounded by different cultures.

The story is entertaining, sad,ย  enlightening, and hopeful. A lot of times funny and oftentimes relatable. I could feelย Mei‘s struggle in living her life in general because her parents have already planned out her future. I could definitely feel the weight on her shoulders- her parents expecting the best from her and for her even if their definition of best is the exact opposite of Mei’s largely because of their differences in interpreting their cultures.

I think it’s cute that MIT is the setting of the story. It makes it quite unique and interesting, like a vicarious experience for those of us who will never ever enter the gates of Hogwarts for the nerds and geniuses. Lol. The romance is too adorable, without the unnecessary drama and angst. I love the art aspect of the story, how Mei is into dancing, meshing traditional Chinese and modern dance. It kind of symbolizes how Mei lives her Chinese and American cultures.

I love the part where her mom slowly comes around and decides to be there for Mei. It’s really funny the ways Mama Lu shows her love for Mei. The story largely centers on the the mother-daughter relationship and I find that really endearing

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