Review: Troll by D.B. Thorne



Dang this book! This must be the first time I’m tearing up after reading a psycho-thriller but that ending is just so heartrending, I couldn’t just choke on the lump in my throat and I’m still far from that time of the month to blame my hormones for the emotions. Lol.

This is such an unexpectedly interesting and gripping read told in alternating perspectives. One is Fortune’s third person POV and the other is her daughter, Sophie’s first person POV which also includes her blog entries with comments both positive and not but the one that sticks out is that of the Troll in the name of Starry Ubando who seems so intent on hating her, even threatening of physically harming her and then Sophie disappears, even confirmed by the police dead.

The alternating perspectives not only established the mystery and the plot but it also made me look into the motivations of the main characters allowing me to be fully connected with them. This was such an engaging read because somebody is playing a sick game with the father and daughter, manipulating and destroying their lives and it’s a big mystery because there is no one to suspect. It’s a different thing when everyone is a suspect but in this case, they’ve got no clue up until perhaps the last quarter of the book.

Indeed, this is a twisty psychological read that plausibly explains how a psychopath is created. It’s more terrifying when the psycho is a genius hacker who can easily access data online and make a mess of people’s lives which again reiterates the dangers of putting so much personal stuff online. It’s honestly enabling the sickos, stalkers, and evil people. A glaring moral lesson of the story is never to put too much stuff online because as displayed on the cover of the novel, “Monsters who live online don’t always stay there. Yikes!

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