Review: Catwoman:Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas

5 out of 5 stars

This was really intense, intriguing, and adventurous. I never thought I’d say these things of yet another novel on a DC icon but I guess now I’ve learned my lesson. It’s almost exactly the same experience when I read Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo. Like the former, Ms. Sarah J. Maas, it seems, has this natural magical ability to make me like something that used to bore me in tears. Lol.

Catwoman is a gripping, fantastic read that held my attention from page one. Selina makes for a really sympathetic character. Knowing where she started and how she became the Catwoman that she is makes her a dynamic, relatable character and she’s the kind of hero-villain that you would instantly root for, kind of like a woman-Robinhood. And teaming up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn not just to mess Gotham City around but to eventually develop friendship, that’s like the ultimate trio of girls gone wild. This is the perfect read for international women’s month. Lol. But behind the messing around is a deeper, more noble purpose that Catwoman is planning all along and I loved her more for it.

The writing is gripping and the narrative mode allows the reader to look into the significant characters’ motives. The situational irony on Catwoman’s and Batwing’s true persona makes the plot even more appealing. I was so looking forward to that moment when both find out the person behind each other’s masks and the reveal wasn’t disappointing. It’s actually very swoon-worthy so that’s another bonus point for the book. Every part of the plot is to look forward to. The climax and denouement even pulled a few tears from me. This is definitely my favorite from Ms. Maas. I wasn’t exactly a fan before but now, I definitely am.

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