Review: What Alice Knew by Alice Cotterell

3 out of 5 stars 

This was definitely a unique psycho-thriller. It isn’t really about the mystery but it’s about the guilty struggles of a woman keeping a huge dark secret to protect and preserve her family.

It would have been a very gripping read if it weren’t for the unnecessary details. It was a bit of a struggle reading exhaustive, artistic descriptions of Alice’s life with her kind of snobbish, artistic language that my average brain couldn’t sometimes relate with. It is interesting though and quite educative when it’s her art and her paintings she’s talking about.

But I get it. Really. It’s not really about the usual whodunit so it makes sense that the author capitalizes on the psychological workings of the characters especially of Alice. It’s just that the ending kind of left a bland taste in my mouth. But the fact that I finished it despite my struggles indicates that it is definitely worth a read.

Published by AJ

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