Review: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

3 out of 5 stars 

Speaking of fate, I noticed that when I pick up two books to read (one e-book, and one physical book) alternately, for some reason there usually seems something similar between them. Like two weeks ago, I decided to read an e-book of Things You Save in a Fire and a physical copy of The First Time She Drowned and both main characters’ name is Cassie.

Last week when I picked an e-copy of In Five Years, I also chose Something Like Fate and both stories are about the main characters having an inexplicably intense connection with their best friend’s boyfriend. Maybe it’s just coincidence but then there’s the possibility it’s fate. (totally corny, I know! 😂)

Sadly, I didn’t love this one exactly. I probably expected so much or I think this wasn’t what I expected at all. I do appreciate the story of unwavering friendship and that in essence, this is still definitely a love story albeit between best friends and that’s the strongest point of this novel and definitely the reason why a reader would probably love this.

***Spoilery part, please proceed with caution.***

But I guess I just thought this was going to be more of a romance novel and I definitely didn’t expect it was going to be a sad read. I also felt really bad for David, I mean seven years? He invested seven years in their relationship only ending up feeling like he was strung along even though I get it. Dannie didn’t mean to but I still felt bad for him.

Also, the foreshadowing element via that dream, I just find it unnecessary. I mean, why foreshadow an act of grief? Especially if she doesn’t necessarily end up with Aaron. I don’t know. I just find it a little eh. It also doesn’t help that I couldn’t relate with the main character very much. Bella is honestly a much more empathetic character. Anyway, I should probably end my rant here. Like I said, the novel isn’t really bad. It’s just not what I was hoping for. I still liked it enough to give it a chance and read it through the end.

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