Review: Something Like Fate by Susane Cosalanti

3 out of 5 stars 

The cover is totally off-putting. The intent is obviously to be playful but it’s giving off a wrong message, like it’s completely okay to cheat on your best friend with her boyfriend. But then the question below the title gave me a pause. What if your soul mate is your best friend’s boyfriend? Of course it still doesn’t make cheating okay but it got me really curious how the author will attempt to answer the question.

And true enough, the story really isn’t about cheating which makes the cover misleading. Lani and Jason didn’t really cheat on Erin. They really just had an undeniable connection that they couldn’t resist and didn’t mean to hurt Erin in the process of finding their soulmates in each other. And it does prove their good character that they did not act on their feelings while Jason and Erin were still together, that Jason broke up with Erin first to be with Lani, the one he really loves.

Also the things Lani went through after her fallout with Erin are quite extreme and unfair. She honestly didn’t deserve it and Erin is quite very mean and selfish to turn their entire class against her. Thank goodness for a select few who stood by Lani- Blake, Connor, and Sophie. Also, I’m glad she still gets her happy ending.

The reason I didn’t enjoy it more isn’t really the plot. It’s more the writing which I find a little immature for the theme. I also find the transitions a little off like at times, random details make it into the pages that aren’t really connected with the subject at hand. But overall, it wasn’t really bad. In fact, it’s a lot better than I expected

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