Review: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Little Secrets
4 out of 5 stars 

That was honestly emotionally draining despite it being a psycho-thriller. I usually rely on these books when I don’t want to emotionally invest myself but this one didn’t give me much choice. After all, I have a little boy of my own and just the thought of losing him is already squeezing my heart.

So when Marin lost her four year old when a guy in a Santa Claus suit took him away from her, I was completely with her in her grieving process no matter how she wanted to grieve. Even when her moral compass went crazy for a while, I was still supporting her fully and I didn’t even like her that much or the rest of the characters for that matter, which is an indicator that the author is really good to make me feel sympathetic towards highly flawed characters.

This is my first book by the author and I’m glad my expectations were met. It’s a gripping and thought provoking read. At first I felt like some events weren’t necessary but in the end things do make sense. Perhaps it was just how Marin came off overly righteous at times and that there were elaborate sex scenes which I find a bit unnecessary considering it’s not really a romance novel and how I feel like the title is wrong that I didn’t give this five stars.

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