Review: Love and Other Theories by Alexis Bass

3.5 out of 5 stars

A bold, a bit cruel but very honest and liberated take on a girl’s experience on young love and the brutal theories and rules these high school girls make to save face, to be in control and to avoid getting hurt when it comes to boys. Never fall in love, don’t allow thyself to be called a girlfriend because girlfriend leads to goodbye and never let a boy see through one’s emotions are just some of these theories these girls legislated among themselves.

The irony is how these girls became the very victims of their own theories because let’s face it, humans, especially girls are such emotional beings and they do fall in love especially when the guy shows attributes deserving of love. So inevitably, these girls find themselves trapped in their own snare and hurt far worse than if they would have just owned up to how they truly feel. Instead, their situations only became messier than necessary.

I do like how the story ended with Aubrey, the main character leaving high school with almost a clean slate and learning early in her life to fight for the things she really wants and that girl code is supposed to exist especially among best friends. No rules or theories should make it okay to share and toss around a guy like a game and vice-versa.

This is definitely not your typical romance with a happily-ever-after and I definitely do not approve of the things these young people did. In fact, if I were still in high school I would avoid these girls like the plague but the story is very realistic and quite eye-opening and it’s why I liked it.

If anyone asks me, my rules are simple and it’s definitely what I’ll impose on my baby when he grows up. “Don’t date, don’t flirt, don’t kiss and especially don’t do the deed unless you’re done with college and has a stable and good paying job.” Lol!

Published by AJ

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