Review: The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

The Worst Best Man
3.5 out of 5 stars 

You know those rom-com cartoon covers that exactly match the lightness and innocence of their content? This is definitely NOT one of those. Lol. The author didn’t skimp on those scenes because there are parts that made me say “woah”, some made me want to cover my eyes, and some made me literally laugh out loud.

But in all fairness, the smut came in way later in the novel, maybe in Chapter 23 onward and it wasn’t as if it’s just smut from thereon. Out of 36 chapters, maybe around only six are dedicated to such so in essence, it’s still generally a romantic comedy and a very funny one at that.

I actually like both main characters. Lina is headstrong in a good way and she has learned so much from her past. I like her professional attitude in handling tragic events including breakups. On the other hand, I like Max‘s sensitivity and his general genial attitude. But what I like best are the laugh out loud moments and there are plenty. The story in general is sweet, funny, diverse, and the plot line is quite original too.

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