Review: Take Me On by Katie McGarry

4 out of 5 stars

That’s just the thing with Ms. Mc Garry’s gritty romance novels, despite their cheesy covers, they grow on you. It honestly feels the same all the time and this is the fourth book of her I’ve read. Why do I never learn from experience? Lol. The trend goes something like this: I start reading indifferently, the dnf option always hovering just around the corner but then it starts getting interesting and soon the characters have somehow grown on me and I couldn’t stop reading.

Just like the first three books, Take Me On is also quite melodramatic, exactly like Abby said, it’s almost straight from your afternoon soap but then again, that’s the charm of the author’s writing. She could make clichés appear like they’re not clichés at all. It’s also nice to see a continuation of the series, this time focused on West (Rachel from Crash Into You’s brother) and Haley. Again, the trope- the distance between the love interests is there. He’s extremely rich, she is practically homeless. She is a fighter and she can kick his pretty ass in seconds but instead she falls for him and he for her. Of course nothing is simple between their love story because where would be the fun in that? Lol.

But the highlight of the story for me is the element of sport. Better because the girl trains the guy to fight. I find that really cool. It’s also a bonus that I get to see a glimpse of Rachel and Isaiah’s story here and even better because the book contains a bonus novella on Abby and her love interest. I’ll read that soon.

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