Review: The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood

3.5 out of 5 stars

I find this really a really unique and refreshing YA contemporary. It’s cute and geeky and science-y. There is actual science fiction involved, the kind that has something to do with wormholes, time travel, time loop, and the likes. That’s about where my brain stopped processing. Lol.

But basically from my meager comprehension, time and space seem to be getting wonky on Morgan. Like time passes her by literally. One moment she’s here, in a blink of an eye she’s elsewhere and this sort of ability (I’m not even sure if ability is the right term, maybe achievement or accident or maybe everything is really just her imagination?) is fueled by her overwhelming grief, for her one of a kind gramps who died a year ago, for her mom who passed away when she was still so little, for her dad who seems just floating around because he is also grieving in his way, for the boyfriend that never was, and for the best friend who is really more.

I really liked the little drawings (of course all related to math/physics) almost on every chapter and I won’t pretend to understand all those theories and equations, I barely passed my college physics (even though I’m a self-professed dork), but the entire story is enjoyable just the same, very touching too to be honest. Also, I’m not a fan of ambiguity, but in this book it kind of makes me want to embrace it. I bet this is going to make an incredible movie.

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