Review: Leave Me by Gayle Forman

4 out of 5 stars 

“Sometimes leaving someone is the most loving thing you can do.”

Ms. Gayle Forman is definitely a capable writer. I really adore how effortlessly she could use intertextuality and popular references in her writing and still make it lyrical. I’ve already read several of her books and over time, she has earned a spot in my trusted authors list.

Leave Me is a very memorable as much as it is a very relatable read for me especially since I’m a new mom. But the truth is I believe any mom who picks this up will be able to relate on a highly personal level. Maribeth is a sympathetic character, a mom who just badly needs a little break (because which mom doesn’t?) A woman who just needs a little time to heal not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well which she simply cannot do when every person who has relied on her all their lives can see her and expect her to fulfill her supposedly expected roles.

Leave Me is therefore a very important and necessary read. Just to live vicariously through Maribeth’s experience has already relieved me of some of my pent-up stress and general exhaustion since giving birth because the reality is that only few or possibly none of us could just up and leave our family like that (haha). One of the good things that happened during this pandemic period is that I was given a chance to relax a little considering the work-from-home scheme and spend quality time with my family especially with my baby boy so I’m thankful I wouldn’t have to resort to fleeing. Lol.

It’s not like I approve nor agree with what Maribeth did especially the almost cheating part but this book honestly gave voice to the thoughts many mothers fantasize about, giving us an assurance that we are not alone. That just because we sometimes feel exhausted as a mother or as a wife doesn’t mean we’re bad people. I believe Maribeth was only claiming a long awaited vacation she clearly deserved. Maybe she could have done it in a less dramatic way but I still don’t blame her. She had a heart attack after all. Or perhaps, this is also a lesson to husbands to be a little bit more sensitive to their wives, a strong reminder that sometimes wives need to be taken care of too.

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