Review: It Sounded Better in my Head by Nina Kenwood

5 out of 5 stars

This is unbelievably relatable. Had I read this when I was 18, I would have hugged Natalie in solid camaraderie that she is not alone because I was exactly like her except I didn’t have PCOS which understandably ups her anxiety level more. Also, my parents never announced a divorce.

But in all things that mattered, Natalie and I were the same, both introverts, both uncomfortable in our own skin, both socially inept, both hated parties. Even our clothes were the same. Big jumpers, beanies, jackets with hood. And we both wore shirts as a beach wear instead of suits. We are both Scorpio, no kidding. We both have two best friends, a guy and a girl except mine didn’t become in a relationship but I’m very proud to say that 20 years later, we’re still best friends. It’s uncanny, my similarities with Natalie. It almost felt like reading about the 18 year old me. Lol.

Told in Natalie’s really funny perspective, I enjoyed her journey in trying to be okay or at peace with who she is, coming to terms with her parents’ divorce, accepting her best friends being in a romantic relationship while completely being anxious about the fact that she might also be developing a romantic although awkward relationship with her best friend’s older brother. Too cute!

Thankfully, like Natalie did, I also outgrew that sad stage of my life, not that I magically transformed into a different person but I just grew to be comfortable with who I am and that’s exactly what Natalie experiences. Full of emotion and humor and memorable characters, this book resonated with me and I bet it’ll make it to my top 10 best reads this year.

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