Review: The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle

4 out of 5 stars 

Short chapters, easy to read, humor scattered in the pages to make the atmosphere a bit light despite the strong undercurrent of grief and pain of losing practically everyone you love. But at the same time, it’s also realistic as Laurel tries to move on, decides to attend prom for example and agrees to go with a guy on a date, just deal with life as she would before the accident although I feel hard for her every time she is reminded of any member of her family in almost everywhere she goes and everything she does. It’s believable how during the first few weeks of the tragic incident, she seemed to be in shock, even indifferent but when it all sank in, she couldn’t be consoled. *sniffs*

The plot actually reminds me of that of If I Stay minus the heavy romance and of course here, Laurel wasn’t part of the accident at all and has to actually keep moving on which is definitely more difficult because how is a teenager supposed to go about her life after something like that? Nobody seems to completely understand her except for David, her once childhood friend and neighbor who also suffers the same fate as hers and inevitably, they share a connection or a bond that they couldn’t have with anyone else.

This was really surprisingly heart-wrenching, deeply emotional, also hopeful. Many complain about Lauren’s interest in dating, being conflicted with her emotions actually between two boys and other trivial things, but I thought these were actually necessary parts of the story showing how a young girl tries to keep going on while grieving. Beautifully written with imaginative metaphors and imagery, this is one YA novel that I’m very glad I came across.

Published by AJ

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