Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry

3 out of 5 stars 

A Million Junes might be my favorite magical realism book so when I learned that Emily Henry wrote an adult rom-com, there was no way I wasn’t reading it.

Ms. Henry did a super smart move by choosing author characters and by making the main character a female who writes romance novels. It’s ironic or perhaps some may say it’s logical that it’s her first adult rom-com and she details the challenges and difficulties of writing them.
It was fun and entertaining reading what it’s like when authors banter. It’s very mind stimulating. And when they struck that deal, writing what the other is good at, I’m completely eating it all up until I’m maybe at the 15th chapter when it started to hit me that this wasn’t the rom-com I was hoping for because it started getting a little heavy and serious. Too much delving into the writing process, put in the tragic backstory of Gus as well as January‘s year long angst over her dad’s extramarital affair. It kind of started to become exhausting and it kind of became a bit of a struggle to get through the end.

I did like the ending though. It’s as real as it could get. Both authors writing their own versions of romance and tragedy as they deemed true to their experience. Funny that Gus’ dedication to January in his book is the most romantic thing about his attempt at a romance novel. I would certainly recommend this to aspiring fiction writers, but maybe not so much if you’re looking for a light romantic read.

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