Review: The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

3 out of 5 stars

These days it’s becoming quite hard to find a good thriller maybe because I’ve read plenty since I became a thriller fan and since then I have unconsciously established a set of standards. I appreciate psychological introspection because they’re necessary. After all I’m talking about psycho-thrillers but when they dominate the pages of the book, it becomes an immediate turnoff. I’m also learning that I’m not a huge fan of multiple POVs. Two or three are okay but four or more, I find it overkill. I also appreciate unreliable narrators as long as they’re likable or charming or convincing.

The first half of this book actually passed most of my criteria but then events seemed to started to become repetitive and I felt like the suspense was prolonged way more than necessary. It doesn’t help that as I went further with the story, the characters became more and more unlikable and I started feeling apathetic towards them. I just needed to know what really happens in the end and considering I have already invested my time, I chose to persist.

And when I finally learned what happened, I don’t even know how to feel because what the hell??!!!! That was so freaking unexpected like something Stephen King would write and I can’t exactly say it’s a good thing. Gaah! The horror! And yet the irony of it is in perfect juxtaposition with the setting, a supposedly paradise and yet something that horrifying and unsettling could take place. The ending alone merits one bonus star.

I guess the entire story would have fared for me better if it were maybe 50 or 100 pages less. Still a solid three-star read.

Published by AJ

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