Review: Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

4.5 out of 5 stars

Wow, I mean just wow! I so did not expect this. Ms. Maureen Johnson exceeded herself here far greater than I hoped because I honestly did not like her 13 Little Blue Envelopes, I did not even finish it. But Truly Devious certainly lived up to its title. It’s amazingly one of the most original, most devious YA novels I’ve read, I could clap my hands in appreciation.

The book is set at an exclusive boarding school for high school students and when we talk of boarding schools, the first thing that comes to mind is mischief and mystery. Indeed, this book is both these things but add in the terms sinister, magical, a little paranormal, and historical. It’s surprisingly a wonderful, mysterious read that blends classic and contemporary. The historical aspect gives it more substance while the writing that borders along the lines of elegant, funny, and whimsical makes this truly a one of a kind read.

It was great really and I was having a good time just sniffing up the pages, taking in the experience in this secluded boarding school for extra-special students, enjoying the characters, their sarcasm, their charm, and their uber-smartness. I am just as keen as Stevie in trying to solve the case of the Ellinghams and later on in solving the possible murder of one of their housemates. I was thinking about how perfect the read is up until it literally abruptly ended at the middle of the turning point. What the hell!? Who does that?! Well, I guess the author just did. That sneaky, treacherous, really brilliant Ms. Johnson definitely knows what she’s doing and I am now desperate for the second book. Arrgggghhh!

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