Review: What’s A Girl Gotta Do by Holly Bourne


Five out of five stars! 


“But if there’s something not right in the world, you have to fight. Otherwise, what? You’re saying it’s okay that this happens.”


Once again, Ms. Holly Bourne has rendered me speechless. Most of her books seem to have that effect on me. I feel like my little vocabulary will never be enough to describe the brilliance of her books but I’ll still try to sum up my reading experience.

What’s A Girl Gotta Do is the perfect culmination of my wonderful and most memorable reading journey through the Spinster Club Series. This time, it’s Charlotte or Lottie who is the central character of the story and I love that it ultimately focuses on feminism considering this is the concluding book of the series.


Lottie who is very pretty, the kind of pretty that most girls probably envy (and therefore an almost easy target of hate and unwanted attention) finally decides it’s time to do something about gender inequality after being harassed by the men in the van. She decides on a project that will blatantly call out every sexist thing that she sees no matter how small. With the help of Evie and Amber (the two other founders of the Spinsters Club) and the rest of the members of the FemSoc and (the intellectual, handsome, almost perfect) Will whose task is to document the entire thing, they call themselves the Vagilantes (Just brilliantly hilarious!)

I seriously adore that part when they attacked the drug store. Just see some excerpts:


“Because loads of women have cellulite. It exists for a biological reason. Women tend to store fat that way because of our hormones. Yet some smart-arse decided to give it a label and start telling us it was gross and we shouldn’t have it. Basically, making ninety percent of women feel insecure about their NORMAL bodies is just yet another way of controlling us, getting us to worry more about our thighs than the bigger things and feeling $#!+ so we spend money on stuff we don’t need, to prop up our capitalist society and the existing dynamics of power.”


“Well, it says here it’s especially for period cramps. However, I was reading the label on the back- and the ingredients say it’s just two hundred milligrams of ibuprofen…like all the other ibuprofens over there. But this one is more expensive and has fewer capsules. Why’s that?”


But really, I loved everything about it- the project; Lottie’s fire; her constant bickering with Will; the constant presence of Evie and Amber including their love interests; let’s not forget the Harry Potter love; and the challenges Lottie constantly had to surmount including her parents, her school, Teddy, the online hate and even cognitive dissonance.


This is a book that matters, a series that matters. It tackles serious issues with heart, so much humor and passion. It’s a kind of book that could make a positive change in the world and I could start making my contribution to this change by telling you all to read and share this book/series.


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