Review: Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

3 out of 5 stars

I have always been curious of the author’s work, curious and cautious actually. I mean most of her books have semi-naked bodies on the cover so I try to keep my distance. But curiosity got the better of me.

To be honest though, it’s no different from those rom-coms with cartoon covers. Some of those are actually even smuttier. At least here, I knew exactly what I was getting into and although there were plenty of smut in this book, it’s not as bad as I expected although I would definitely warn off young readers from this book. Lol.

There is a very interesting plot with empathetic characters and though their romance is borderline forbidden, it’s easy to understand their attraction to each other. I kind of find the story very unique although some parts are still cliche-ish but definitely forgivable.

Overall, an entertaining and interesting romance recommended to more mature readers.

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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