Review: Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

4 out of 5 stars

Just when I’m starting to think I can slowly move on from the YA genre, another book leaps out at me to remind me that I’m probably in for the long haul and why shouldn’t I be if I’ll get to read books like Highly Illogical Behavior which I have been meaning to read since its release but you know me, I only get my hands on new releases three to four years later when they’re already up on sales so there you go.

But the long wait is totally worth it because this is yet another wonderful, memorable, and very important YA read as it gives a closer look at agoraphobia. Solomon or Sol, one of our main characters has agoraphobia and hasn’t left his home since he was 13. He’s 16 at present.

“What Solomon had was unforgiving and sneaky and as smart as any other illness. It was like a virus or cancer that would hide just long enough to fool him into thinking it was gone. And because it showed up when it damn well pleased, he’d learned to be honest about it, knowing that embarrassment only made it worse.”

“When he was home, he was better. He was calm and happy and easy to get along with. He wasn’t bored or lonely or sad. He was safe. He could breathe. He could relax.”

I really enjoyed the story and I find the plot very unique. I love the “documentary feel” to the plot because Lisa is set on helping Sol of his illness so she could write an essay about it for a chance at a college admission and scholarship grant at the same time. Her character is quite refreshing and it makes the story even better that it’s told in her and Sol’s POV. Clark is also a great addition to the story and I’m so glad that the characters aren’t your stereotypical teens and that most of the adult characters aren’t awful. Sol’s grandma is my favorite though. The following excerpt is from her.

“I can’t imagine how awful it must be. But, I know what it’s like to constantly think about a life you aren’t living. That’s exactly how I felt when I was sixteen and if there was anything I could have done about, I would have. I know it’s easier said than done. I know that, But, you have to try.”

It’s a quick, often funny, refreshing, thought provoking, educational, and unpredictable YA read that will definitely pull at the heartstrings.

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