Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s a fast, gripping read. Definitely a lot better than A Stranger in the House for me. It’s written better in terms of the characters’ dialogue because it reads more naturally but the narration is still somewhat a little stilted like in her other book. I don’t know why the author loves periods so much. It probably has a dramatic effect on the reader but I kind of find it a little annoying. ^^

And yet, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough because the plot is quite intense. Given, what the couple did is downright stupid and yes, I’m definitely judging them (haha) while I don’t even know what to feel for Marco, somewhere between pity and anger and yet again, I was very eager to learn what really happened to Cora, the baby and consistently thinking who took her while also pondering about the significance of the title, “The Couple Next Door”. Is it pertaining to Anne and Marco who lost their baby while at their neighbor’s party or Cynthia and Graham, the couple next door who threw the said party?

It’s quite a pretty wise trick by the author to lure the reader into the mystery that I was willing to forego the couple’s poor choices and decisions and the rest of the story’s flaws for that matter. Lol.

I did find satisfactory answers to my questions and just when I was about to get turned off by the very ending, I thought more about it and decided it actually works. Anne is definitely getting away with it. The neighbor had it coming. Lol.

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