Review: Dear Martin by Nic Stone

5 out of 5 stars

A genuinely great YA read. I don’t even have the right words to describe how this short novel affected me. It’s a relevant read and when I say relevant, I really mean it. It addresses issues that are happening at the moment. Issues about racism and equality, about cops shooting unarmed black citizens that unfortunately is becoming a more common occurrence now despite the pandemic.

In the midst of all these, what’s a young black teenage guy, Justyce, is supposed to do in a society where he doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere…

“Knowing there are people who don’t want me to succeed is depressing. Especially coming from two directions.”

…where even though he is an upstanding citizen, he is still victimized by hate, a teenager with all the right questions about the world and yet with no definitive answer from anybody, not even from Martin Luther, his idol.

“How different would things have gone had I not been a black guy?”

“Hard being a black man, ain’t it?”

“What do I do when my very identity is being mocked by people who refuse to admit there’s a problem?”

“Why are black people so angry all the time? But how else am I supposed to feel?”
“There’s no escaping the BMC.” “The BMC?”

Gaaah! I could quote the entire book. Such a short but great and powerful read that doesn’t necessarily have all the answers but at least asks the right questions and stirs further proper awareness of these necessary issues among readers. It’s a millenial/zentennial standpoint which makes it even more affecting and relatable. Need I say more? Just read it.

“You can’t change how other people think and act, but you’re in full control of you. When it comes down to it, the only question that matters is this. If nothing in the world ever changes, what type of man are you gonna be?”

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