Review: Just One Look by Harlan Coben

3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t know if I’m the only one who finds Harlan Coben funny but I’m always very entertained every time I read his book despite his plots being a bit formulaic. It’s why he became an auto-buy author for me. I’ve grown to love his style, his writing, his humor, and yes even his cliches. Lol.

“Scanlon leaned forward. “What I’m about to tell you, he said, ‘will change your entire life.’

Part of Scott wanted to wiggle his fingers in Scanlon’s face and say, “Ooooo.” 

This is my second book by the author where the hitman is a North Korean version of Bruce Lee-slash-Jacky Chan on steroids. Lol. There are plenty of characters actually but somehow it’s easy to keep track of them because the author makes their lives matter despite their little role in the story. Even the bad guys matter. Consequently it’s also the reason the story is longer than I would have preferred but Mr. Coben does know how to entertain readers with his writing, so I guess I’ve got nothing much to complain about.

“Being a mother, Grace thought, was a lot like being an artist- you are always insecure, you always feel like a phony, you know that everybody else is better at it than you. The mothers who doted obsessively on their offspring, the ones who performed their numbing tasks with that Stepford-ready smile and supernatural patience-you know, those mothers who always, always have the right supplies for the ideal after school craft…Grace suspected that these women were profoundly disturbed.” Lol!

Here the twists in the plot are complexly tangled and just a tad bit overwhelming. I did get the answers I was looking for although some of them I feel just a little bit underwhelming and it’s saddening that this certain character had to die. But I should’ve known better. Coben tends to kill a major character in the end. *le sigh*

Still, the book managed to get across an important message to the reader, the idea that we can never really know everything about a person no matter how close our relationship may be. 

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