Review: Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

3 out of 5 stars

Oh wow, it hit too close to home. Although the corporate office setting in the story is quite different from mine, it still feels like Joshua Ferris has mind reading abilities because this is extremely relatable which only goes to show that our work experiences whether good or bad as employees working behind the desk five days a week is a universal truth, something so many of us can relate to.

The writing in the first person plural narrative is a blend of funny and sad because although much of the office truths presented in the story are funny, it’s also sad knowing that your connection with your colleagues will mostly end at the same setting which is the office because for some reason, you barely make personal, genuine connections with your colleagues and your friendship only usually lasts while you work in the same area, although I’m quite glad about the reunion of the characters in the end, happier about the fact of the catalyst for that reunion. Lol.

At some point, the plot felt a little bit drawn out, events and dialogue kind of felt repetitive, and it got a little bit boring but it’s still very much worth a read, quite memorable, and entertaining. It makes you think a lot too.

P.S. Can you keep a secret? Like Hank, I read this one while in the office. Please don’t shoot. If only I could publish my own novel as well.

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