Review: Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

3.5 out of 5 stars

Colleen Hoover will be that one author for me I could reliably go to when I want to read a romance that would not disappoint and Heart Bones, just like the rest of her new adult novels, is something you wouldn’t expect, more meaningful than you thought it would be and has enough substance you otherwise wouldn’t find in other romance novels.

But I hate to admit that this one seems to lack what I think of as the “Hoover Effect”. It doesn’t seem to have that “kapow” factor like her last book before this one, Regretting You. The latter for me was honestly breathtaking. But I don’t know, this one, it’s the first time that it took me a long while to finish her book. It was only till chapter 23 when things start looking up and the first half of the book just felt like a really long prologue.

But my feelings, when all Beyah‘s questions about Samson were all finally answered. My heart did quite break. *sniffs*

The story per se is amazing but I guess I just found the writing a little bit lacking and I honestly find the meaning of Heart Bones in the story overly corny, argh! But still, it’s definitely worth the read and I would forever be loyal to the author’s work.

Published by AJ

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