Review: Lucky in Love by Kasie West

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4/5 stars!

As usual, I breezed through it. It’s always so easy and chill with Kasie West’s books. Like your favorite ice cream on a sugar cone. But what I liked more about Lucky in Love is that it’s so much more than your guilty pleasure YA romance. I love that the main character,Maddie and her friends are a bunch of nerds. Their nerd talks are too cute.

“Starving is an overused word that diminishes the importance of those in the world that actually are starving.” 

Their dedication to their studies is almost funny but still very admirable. I’m kind of envious because I never had friends in high school or college who would even consider a group study. It would have been so much fun but probably just for me. Lol.

I especially appreciate the message of the story-how too much money especially one that wasn’t hard earned could change people but mainly in the story, how it could change the way other people look at you and somehow confuse the way you see both yourself and other people. That’s exactly Maddie what went through after winning the lottery.

The story also shows how easily a person becomes impulsive when she has something to spend but somehow, I could not blame Maddie for wanting to spend a portion of her money on things she never had or experienced. If there’s someone who deserves to win the lottery, it would be someone like her because she’s smart, hardworking and very thoughtful of other people.

It’s still your standard Kasie West novel. It’s very lightheartedly written and the romance is too adorable. Maddie and Seth’s water/manure fight at the zoo is so hilarious. It reminded me so much of the mud fight at the graveyard in The Distance Between Us. My complaint is the usual. It ended too soon.

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